Samsung Galaxy S7 Leaked

New pictures and video emerge of Samsung's new flagship phone - the Galaxy S7. Android Authority have posted the latest leaked images of what we are to expect

Samsung are set to unveil the Galaxy S7 at the Mobile World Congress 2016 on February the 21st in Barcelona.
This is clearly approaching very fast and further rumours and speculation will be coming thick an fast leading up to this date.
Going by the pictures is is looking very much like the Galaxy S6 with a nice extra touch showing a combined sim card and micro sd tray. 
The operating system is looking very clean and concise but reveals little more than what we would all like to see.

Are you getting one?

Not long to go now until you can get your hands one, or if you are lucky enough to go to the Mobile World Congress 2016 you will be one of the first to see it in the flesh!

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